Moleskines annoying

Although make puppets, I’m very, very far gone from this world, especially of the world of comics. That’s why I am struck by the apparent fashion of the artists by moleskines. As if the use of these notebooks for sketches were to turn them into a professional of comic. It also should give reputation, when a cartoonist publishes sketches on his moleskine is not limited to post without more, must necessarily point out the support on that has made…

I wonder: Why use them?… To demonstrate an exquisite taste?, to annotate an idea, you need simply a paper and, sometimes, with whatever you have handy (although, for the price of these books, I would always have it on hand in case of theft, as if it were a Rolex). And above all: How do they do?… With the rubber band, which is impossible not hinder the support.

Still above, its name does not refer to anything related to writing or drawing, but a type of cloth called moleskin. Will this be the object of desire?. And that’s another, because… what we know about the moleskin?, we know nothing… it is “a type of cloth” but, what else do we know?… That is made exclusively for these books, perhaps do not have other uses. We know nothing of moleskin…

For that, I will continue to limit myself to point my stuff in any gaps in white, that my work looks good to me is all that concerns me.

16. August 2012 by admin
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  1. Now, this isn’t scientific, but mine fell apart after just a colupe of days. I think that it may have had to do the many different types of paper. But I wouldn’t have a use for it anyway. It sounds wonderful in theory. The maps are really pretty unhelpful (you NEED a better map, these are just not reasonable for serious use), then of course there are sections where you are TOLD to write information about a favorite restaurant or place. I really think that if you want a guidebook that you’ve written yourself that you can do just that. Buy some great maps. You can figure out where you want to write all of these things down and you would be better off with your own system. Buy a map and a guidebook and a plain Moleskine notebook and go to it! I don’t know if this was a bad idea or if it was executed poorly. Or try it. But this is not a travel diary, you’ll need other maps and guidebooks. For ME, it would just be better to have a blast and keep a travel journal in the plain or unlined notebooks. Preserve the memories of the trip instead of tracing paper and addresses of restaurants which are easily accessible anyway. I actually think that if I were traveling all over Europe and the like that I would take the ADDRESS BOOK, alphebetized tabs and all of the space you need to note anything you want about a restaurant or any other place.

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